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K-drama actors: 7 desktop organizer wallpapers

K-drama actors: 7 desktop organizer wallpapers

If it takes you a while to find what you're looking for on your desktop and you're a fan of k-drama actors, these organizer wallpapers are for you!

I really enjoyed making the BTS wallpapers last week, so today I bring you more!


Organize your computer with your favorite k-drama actors

Computador con fondo de pantalla organizador de Jung Hae In

Using the previous wallpaper made it much easier for me to find what I was looking for, plus it inspires me more to organize myself when the aesthetic is cute and kawaii. And thanks to Makarena, who gave me the idea of this theme, I made this series of wallpapers that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making them . They have a cottagecore aesthetic but at the same time cute.


Organize your icons

If you have a conflict moving your icons (it usually happens in Windows) check out this post where I show you how to move them freely.

And, if you want to customize your icons with BT21 illustrations, this post is for you.


PS: Makarena is the one in charge of making content for the children’s area of the blog (check it out if you have little siblings or cousins! ).


Other wallpapers and icons:


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Download your favorite wallpaper

I must say that I have been watching k-dramas for a relatively short time (2 years), but it was enough to have a small list of favorite actors ♥♥ So if your oppa doesn’t appear here, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments and I’ll go adding more wallpapers.

Did you like it? If you know someone who loves K-dramas or is a fan of K-pop, share it so it reaches more people. If you have any questions or would like to give us some recommendations for other wallpaper designs, don’t forget to write them in the comments. Also, rate us with stars to see if you liked it ⭐

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